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Heart-spotting Contest Entry

There’s a new heart-spotter on the scene! Chris F. sent me this graphic that linked to a recent article on Yahoo!

"Why Are Minorities at Greater Risk for Heart Disease?" – a heart-health article on Yahoo! Health

“Why Are Minorities at Greater Risk for Heart Disease?” – a heart-health article on Yahoo! Health (submitted by Chris F.)

From the article:

African-American men and women have double the rate of fatal heart disease of their white counterparts of the same age, according to an alarming new study published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) this week. Even though deaths from heart attacks and heart disease have dropped since the 1970s, the decline has been steeper for whites than for blacks, “widening a longstanding disparity,” the researchers reported.

Another study in the same issue of JAMA reports that up to 80 percent of US Hispanic/Latino adults have one or more major risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of Americans. As a result, “this relatively young ethnic group is at high risk for future CVD morbidity and mortality as it ages,” the researchers predict.

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