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I’m at my favorite coffee shop in Victoria – Moka House on Fort Street. For the past couple months they’ve been advertising their new Bacon Latte (with the assurance that “no pigs were harmed in the process”). I haven’t tried one – even with bacon, I have my limits – but the sign at the counter inspired today’s random Google search: “heart bacon”.

I’m Feeling Lucky took me to I ♥ Bacon (www.iheartbacon.com) – a blog devoted to nature’s most perfect food.

Lucky indeed!

"Buried in Bacon" – a bacon themed coffin featured at I ♥ Bacon (www.iheartbacon.com/2012/04/buried-in-bacon/)

“Buried in Bacon” – a bacon themed coffin featured at I ♥ Bacon


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Sometimes it’s fun to enter a random search term into Google and see just how lucky you are when you click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

As the London 2012 Olympics have been the constant backdrop to the past two weeks, I figured I’d see what rose to the top when I searched “heart olympics”.

The winner was an article in The Times of India about female boxer Mary Kom (aka “Magnificent Mary”), who lost her semifinal match today against hometown favourite Nicola Adams of Great Britain. The article’s title: “Olympic female boxer Mary Kom captures India’s heart.”

Boxer Mary Com of India (photo from moreintelligentlife.com)

Boxer Mary Com of India (photo from moreintelligentlife.com)

I saw the match on TV earlier today and was most intrigued by her story. Now the 29-year-old mother of twin boys, Mary worked as a child in the fields to help out her poor farming family. She tried for a long time to hide her interest in boxing from her family, as it was not considered suitable for women; however, after her victory in the Manipur state women’s boxing championship in 2000, her father discovered his daughter’s secret through a photograph in a newspaper. He was indignant, and it took the pleas and persuasions of numerous family members to bring him around to supporting his daughter.

As today’s “Heart of the Day”, it seems apt that Mary was fighting in the red corner in her match this afternoon.

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