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“To me blew me away” is Google Translate’s take on “넌 내게 반했어” – the title of a South Korean youth melodrama called (in English) Heartstrings. (The correct translation of 넌 내게 반했어 is actually “You’ve Fallen for Me.”)

Wikipedia’s entry for this TV series topped the list when I Google-searched “heartstrings” yesterday.

After you admire the heart in the stylized title, click the image to see the music video for “Because I Miss You” by Jung Yong Hwa – vocalist and guitarist of a band called The Stupid and lead actor in the series, where he plays a university student majoring in Western Music.

The deer-in-the-headlights kiss at 2:00 of the video is priceless!

The cast of the Korean drama "Heartstrings" ("You've Fallen for Me")

The cast of the Korean drama “Heartstrings” (“You’ve Fallen for Me”)
Click to view the music video for “Because I Miss You” by Jung Yong Hwa


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Release the mounds…and shake your euphemism!

A surprising number of people arrive at My Heart-Shaped World when they search for the lyrics to Blue Man Group‘s “Shake Your Euphemism” – and they find this September post celebrating the heart-shaped “jiggle twins” in Blue Man Group’s stage graphics (see photo below).

I certainly don’t want to disappoint those who come seeking lyrics, so I’ve posted them below the photo. (Note that there are different versions of “Shake Your Euphemism.” The lyrics below align with the performance that starts at 1:02 in this YouTube video.)

Heart-shaped "mounds of mischief" in The Blue Man Group's stage set design for Shake It Up: Made in Japan

Heart-shaped “mounds of mischief” in The Blue Man Group’s stage set design for Shake It Up: Made in Japan

Blue Man Group’s “Shake Your Euphemism” Lyrics

It is time now to create the ultimate dance party.
To take things over the top, you need to start shaking your rear end.
Or as some people call it…

Your hindquarters
Your backside
Your buttocks
Your heiny

Your keister
Your tush
Your buns
Your gluteus tote-bag

Your bubble pop
Your medicine ball
Your sonic boom
Your sit-biscuit

Your posterior
Your subwoofer
Your horn section
Your monster truck

Your mag wheels
Your life’s work
The Outback
Your cousin’s apartment

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and

It’s time to shake that freckle-muffin
The place where all burritos go
It’s time to bake that turkey stuffin’
Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Dance to the beat that the DJ cuts
There’s no “if”s or “and”s


Let’s get it going, keep it going – don’t stop
Let’s get it going, keep it going – don’t stop
Let’s get it going, keep it going – don’t stop

Use your bum to stir that soup
And shake it all around like the
Blue Man Group!

Shake it ’til you bake it
Shake it ’til you wake it
Shake it ’til you make it
Shake it, shake it, shake it!

Your dance catcher
Under the thunder
The stabilizer

Shake your carry-on luggage
The Bobbsey Twins
Your growing personal following

Shake your boomwhacker
Your reporter at large
Or in this case, very large

Shake the flounder
That’s rounder
Than a giant quarter pounder

Shake it, shake it, shake it! 



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As I was scrolling through my iTunes ‘Cover Flow’ today, hearts started catching my eye (as they tend to do these days). Following is just a sampling of the heart-adorned cover art in my collection.

Flip through your music collection and let me know what other album cover art hearts you uncover! (I plan to make a huge mosaic of album art containing hearts.)

Album art heart-spotting – give it a try!

Album art heart-spotting – give it a try!

The artists, albums and singles represented here include…

  • Moulin Rouge! Music from Baz Luhrmann’s Film (2001) – “One Day I’ll Fly Away”
  • Leonard Cohen, The Future (1992) – “Closing Time”
  • Good Charlotte, Cardiology (2010) – “Sex on the Radio”
  • Heart, Little Queen (1977) – “Barracuda”
  • Dolorean, The Unfazed (2011) – “Country Clutter”
  • Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk (2009) – “Love Drunk”
  • Dead Man’s Bones, Dead Man’s Bones (2009) – “Pa Pa Power”
  • Kylie Minogue, X (2007) – “2 Hearts”
  • Green Day, American Idiot (2004) – “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
  • Romeo + Juliet (soundtrack) (1996) – “Kissing You” (Des’ree)
  • Marina and the Diamonds, Electra Heart (2012) – “Lies”

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