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Sarah L.’s late-night surfing led her to Etsy.com, where she spotted this string of hearts by tascha – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The aptly titled "LOVE string of hearts" – a folk art painting by tascha

The aptly titled “LOVE string of hearts” – a folk art painting by tascha

Another one by tascha…

"Flying Angel" by tascha on Etsy.com

“Flying Angel” by tascha on Etsy.com


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Nine-year-old Emmaleigh has a heart. In fact, she has lots of them. And she’s selling them to support Inn from the Cold –  a Calgary organization that provides emergency shelter, support and programs to homeless children, their families and others in need.

For a donation to her “Have a Heart” campaign, you can purchase one of Emma’s beautiful heart paintings. She plans to donate all of the proceeds to Inn from the Cold. You can view her collection of masterpieces here.

"Love Storm" – one of Emmaleigh's delightful heart paintings

“Love Storm” – one of Emmaleigh’s delightful heart paintings

"Flowers of the Heart" by nine-year-old Emmaleigh

“Flowers of the Heart” by nine-year-old Emmaleigh

Thanks to Hillary M (whose heart-shaped crane was an early winner in our Heart-Spotting Contest) for drawing Emma’s “Have a Heart” Campaign to my attention.

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Earlier today, I settled in at the Second Cup on 17th Avenue SW (Calgary) to do some work. And – as seems to be the case wherever I happen to go nowadays – I was assailed by hearts.

First, Second Cup served up a frothy cup of latte love on my iPhone; and then I spotted, on a shelf near my table, some colorfully cool heart-shaped tea bag holders by pop artist Romero Britto. (For a heavy dose of hearts, visit Britto’s website. Just for fun, I’ve posted a screen capture from his site below.)

Heart-spotting @ Second Cup (Calgary) featuring Romero Britto tea bag holders

Heart-spotting @ Second Cup (Calgary)

A Glimpse into Pop Artist Romero Britto's Heart-shaped World

A glimpse into pop artist Romero Britto’s heart-shaped world

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…a degree or two of separation, tops.

Case in point: “red-letter day”. I used the phrase in yesterday’s post; and after I published, I got to wondering what “red-letter day” means exactly.

So I consulted trusty ol’ Wikipedia, which proclaims “The term originates from Medieval church calendars. Illuminated manuscripts often marked initial capitals and highlighted words in red ink, known as rubrics.”

The hyperlinked “rubrics” took me to the following image, with its two plump heart-shaped flowers near the top left corner.

It’s as a friend told me yesterday: “I read your blog and now I’m seeing hearts in the stupidest places. What’s worse, I’m looking for them!” (He didn’t seem to consider heart-spotting a particularly manly pursuit.)

Rubrics in an illuminated gradual of King John Albert, circa 1500 (Wikipedia)

Rubrics in an illuminated gradual of King John Albert, circa 1500 (Wikipedia)

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I am a big fan of irony – of jarring contrast and visual disconnectedness that conceals a surprising richness of meaning behind a seeming lapse of logic.

As I was poking about yesterday evening on WordPress, I came across E. St. Laurent – a collection of images and words whose provocative depictions of beauty range from the exquisite to the erotic to the strange and unsettling. There, I happened upon a photograph from a collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Nan Goldin’s “Heart-Shaped Bruise, NYC”.

What does it say about matters of the heart? That they’re shockingly unsimple? That they don’t conform neatly to logic and reason? That the prettiness is tinged with ugliness, the ugliness with a desire that overrides the rational?

What does it say to you?

My Heart-shaped World: "Heart-Shaped Bruise, NYC" by Nan Goldin (1980)

“Heart-Shaped Bruise, NYC” by Nan Goldin (1980)

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